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use gtk stock icons when available

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commit eb5cea6fd4b38c76e3dba120eebb050e3db09b53 1 parent a64cef0
@sre sre authored
BIN  data/icons/old_folder.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_fullscreen.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_help.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_new.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_open.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_revert.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_save.png
Deleted file not rendered
BIN  data/icons/old_undo.png
Deleted file not rendered
2  src/controller_main.vala
@@ -212,7 +212,7 @@ public class MainController : Controller {
XmlParser parser = new XmlParser ();
// Load icons for maptree treestore
- var folder_icon = Resources.load_icon_as_pixbuf (Resources.ICON_FOLDER, 16);
+ var folder_icon = Resources.load_icon_as_pixbuf (Gtk.Stock.DIRECTORY, 16);
var map_icon = Resources.load_icon_as_pixbuf (Resources.ICON_MAP, 16);
8 src/resources.vala
@@ -24,13 +24,7 @@ namespace Resources {
public const string APP_AUTHORS[] = {"Héctor Barreiro", "Glynn Clements", "Francisco de la Peña", "Aitor García", "Gabriel Kind", "Alejandro Marzini", "Shin-NiL", "Rikku2000", "Mariano Suligoy", "Paulo Vizcaíno", "Takeshi Watanabe", "Sebastian Reichel", null};
public const string APP_ARTISTS[] = {"Ben Beltran", "Juan «Magnífico»", "Marina Navarro", null};
- public const string ICON_NEW = "old_new";
- public const string ICON_OPEN = "old_open";
- public const string ICON_CLOSE = "old_folder";
- public const string ICON_QUIT = "gtk-quit";
public const string ICON_BUILD_PROJECT = "old_create_game_disk";
- public const string ICON_SAVE = "old_save";
- public const string ICON_REVERT = "old_revert";
public const string ICON_LOWER_LAYER = "old_lower_layer";
public const string ICON_UPPER_LAYER = "old_upper_layer";
public const string ICON_EVENT_LAYER = "old_event_layer";
@@ -42,7 +36,6 @@ namespace Resources {
public const string ICON_MATERIAL = "old_material";
public const string ICON_MUSIC = "old_music";
public const string ICON_PLAYTEST = "old_playtest";
- public const string ICON_FULLSCREEN = "old_fullscreen";
public const string ICON_TITLE = "old_title";
public const string ICON_SELECT = "old_select";
public const string ICON_ZOOM = "old_zoom";
@@ -54,7 +47,6 @@ namespace Resources {
public const string ICON_RECTANGLE = "old_rectangle";
public const string ICON_CIRCLE = "old_circle";
public const string ICON_FILL = "old_fill";
- public const string ICON_FOLDER = "old_folder";
public const string ICON_MAP = "old_map";
public const string RPROJECT_DATA = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\" ?>\n<project>\n\t<current_layer>%d</current_layer>\n\t<current_map>%d</current_map>\n\t<current_scale>%d</current_scale>\n</project>";
14 src/view_main_window.vala
@@ -69,19 +69,19 @@ public class MainWindow : Gtk.Window {
* Initialize actions
var action_new = new Gtk.Action ("ActionNew", "_New", "Create a new project", null);
- action_new.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_NEW);
+ action_new.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.NEW);
var action_open = new Gtk.Action ("ActionOpen", "_Open", "Open a saved project", null);
- action_open.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_OPEN);
+ action_open.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.OPEN);
var action_close = new Gtk.Action ("ActionClose", "_Close", "Close current project", null);
- action_close.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_CLOSE);
+ action_close.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.CLOSE);
var action_create_game_disk = new Gtk.Action ("ActionCreateGameDisk", "_Create Game Disk", "", null);
action_create_game_disk.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_BUILD_PROJECT);
var action_quit = new Gtk.Action ("ActionQuit", "_Quit", "Quit EasyRPG Game Editor", null);
- action_quit.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_QUIT);
+ action_quit.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.QUIT);
var action_save = new Gtk.Action ("ActionSave", "_Save", "Save all maps changes", null);
- action_save.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_SAVE);
+ action_save.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.SAVE);
var action_revert = new Gtk.Action ("ActionRevert", "_Revert", "Revert maps to last saved state", null);
- action_revert.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_REVERT);
+ action_revert.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.CLEAR);
var action_lower_layer = new Gtk.RadioAction ("ActionLowerLayer", "_Lower Layer", "Edit lower layer", null, LayerType.LOWER);
action_lower_layer.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_LOWER_LAYER);
var action_upper_layer = new Gtk.RadioAction ("ActionUpperLayer", "_Upper Layer", "Edit upper layer", null, LayerType.UPPER);
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ public class MainWindow : Gtk.Window {
var action_playtest = new Gtk.Action ("ActionPlaytest", "_Play test", "Make a test of your game", null);
action_playtest.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_PLAYTEST);
var action_fullscreen = new Gtk.ToggleAction ("ActionFullScreen", "_Full Screen", "Use full screen in play test mode", null);
- action_fullscreen.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_FULLSCREEN);
+ action_fullscreen.set_icon_name (Gtk.Stock.FULLSCREEN);
var action_show_title = new Gtk.ToggleAction ("ActionShowTitle", "_Show Title", "Show title in play test mode", null);
action_show_title.set_icon_name (Resources.ICON_TITLE);
var action_content = new Gtk.Action ("ActionContent", "_Content", "View help contents", null);

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