Game editor similar to RPG Maker
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EasyRPG Editor

EasyRPG Editor is a game editor to create EasyRPG games. It can import RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 games using liblcf to read RPG Maker game data.

EasyRPG Editor is part of the EasyRPG Project. More information is available at the project website:


Documentation is available at the documentation wiki:


  • liblcf for RPG Maker data reading.
  • Qt (>= 5.2)
  • Qt multimedia

Daily builds

Up to date binaries for assorted platforms are available at our continous integration service:

Source code

EasyRPG Editor development is hosted by GitHub, project files are available in this git repository:

Released versions are also available at our Download Archive:


Building requirements:

  • CMake

Step-by-step instructions:

cmake . # generate Makefile
make    # compile the executable

Running EasyRPG Editor

Run the generated executable in the "bin" folder.

Bug reporting

Available options:


EasyRPG Editor is free software available under the GPLv3 license. See the file COPYING for license conditions.