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Name scene should show upper 7 bit characters for current game encoding only #364

fdelapena opened this Issue Nov 22, 2014 · 4 comments


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fdelapena commented Nov 22, 2014

Setting japanese glyphs for a non-japanese game will show mojibake after saving and loading due to encoding conversion.

Currently it lacks support for non-japanese encodings. Glyph list proposal for missing encodings are welcome.


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rohkea commented Nov 30, 2014

Polish translation of RM2k3's RPG_RT has the following characters:

A B C D E a b c d e
F G H I J f g h i j
K L M N O k l m n o
P Q R S T p q r s t
U V W X Y u v w x y
Z Ł Ó Ż   z ł ó ż  
Ą Ę Ś Ć Ź ą ę ś ć ź

But please note that Polish shares the same codepage, cp1250, as other languages:

  • Czech (needs letters ÁáČčĎďÉéĚěÍíŇňÓóŘřŠšŤťÚúŮůÝýŽž) — has known games, see (although most of them seem to use Power Mode-like hacks...)
  • Slovak (ÁáÄäČčĎďÉéÍíĹ弾ŇňÓóÔôŔ੹ŤťÚúÝýŽž) — not sure if it has known games, but dubs itself as 'Czech and Slovak' community so it may have some, worth checking
  • Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian in Latin script (ČčĆćĐ𩹮ž)
  • Slovenian (Č芚Žž)
  • Romanian/Moldovan (ĂăÂâÎîȘșȚț [or ŞşŢţ depending on how our codepage converts them to Unicode])
  • Hungarian (ÁáÉéÓóÖöŐőÚúÜüŰű)
  • Albanian (ÇçËë)

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fdelapena commented Jan 10, 2015

Because name scene is game language aware, users from the same encoding might use their own proper name written in their own language (when game codepage allows it), even when the game is written in a different language. E.g. in Catalonia there are common names in Catalan (e.g. Vicenç, Lluïsa) and they speak both Catalan and Spanish and both are official in Catalonia. I think it is worth to have multiple hero name glyph pages (if needed) for each codepage to include them even when there aren't known games written in these specific languages.

For CP1252, I know at least:

  • Spanish (ÁáÉéÍíÓóÚúÜüÑñ)
  • Catalan (ÀàÉéÈèÍíÏïÓóÒòÚúÜüÇç and middle dot · ) — e.g. "Apel·les", "Apol·lo", "Camil·la", "Priscil·la"...

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rohkea commented Jan 10, 2015

This is different for non-Latin scripts.

Names are adapted for each language and are not expected to contain letters not in the language (e.g. Tatar name Җәмилә/Cämilä would be written Джамиля/Džamilia in Russian and Джаміля/Džamila in Belarusian; Russian named Тимур/Timur becomes Цімур/Cimur in Belarusian). It would be extremely strange to encounter Җ or Ә in Russian, or И in Belarusian text.

For Cyrillic script, ideally, the text input window should be dependent only on the language of the game.


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fdelapena commented Jan 10, 2015

We could use ICU language detection feature for liblcf in reader_util.cpp after line 129:

    const char *language = ucsdet_getLanguage(match, &status);

This will return language ISO code for the detected language (where possible) or empty string if failed. The name scene could have all language pages for the current codepage and prioritize to show first the related glyphs from detected language. Having other glyph options for other languages may still worth because the language detection is not fully reliable by its nature.

@Ghabry Ghabry modified the milestone: 0.5.0 Feb 19, 2016

@fdelapena fdelapena modified the milestones: 0.5.2, 0.6.0 Apr 29, 2017

Ghabry pushed a commit to libretro/easyrpg-libretro that referenced this issue May 22, 2018

Use hiragana and katakana only for Japanese
This approach hides the symbol selection for Japanese games
Workarounds EasyRPG#364
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