Vampires Dawn: Summoning creatures and transformations #402

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Ghabry commented Jan 27, 2015

Vampires Dawn.
In this game you can summon a 4th character that temporary lasts for a few minutes.

If the map screen changes (e.g. new room) so all summoned creatures like Golem and skeleton are summoned again. Also if the here is transformed in a wolf or a bat, so the transformation is done again. It seems not to take any resources.

Reported by Darkztar


I have to correct this bug report:

Normally a summon should take blood and soulstones. Now it takes only Soulstones and no blood.

This is very heavy, because after each change of the map the summon is done again and you lose every time Soulstones.

@Ghabry Ghabry added a commit that closed this issue Feb 16, 2015
@Ghabry Ghabry Only initialize common_events once and don'r reset them on map change…
…. (Fixes #402)

Otherwise this causes problems when the common_event is e.g. looping as a parallel process in an endless loop. Now the loop continues correctly instead of restarting the event.
@Ghabry Ghabry closed this in 87940db Feb 16, 2015
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