Event on "Below Characters" can't move below the Hero (but the hero can move on it) #486

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Hello again :) !

Here is a bug a little related to #344 .
When a event is "Below Characters" the move system doesn't interpret it well.

2 cases :

  • If the hero moves on the event, the hero goes ON the event : good !
  • But the event can't go below the hero, it's like they were on the same layer if the move comes from an event.

Here is a test game :
The blue girl try to go below the hero but can't, but the hero is abble to go on the girl.

This bug produces a lot of "dead lock" on games I've tested and french community also report me this.

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Hello everyone !
Is someone working on this issue ? Lot of people report me this one (it causes dead locks on cut scene for example when a character enter in the hero's pocket)

Ghabry commented Jun 16, 2015

Not aware of any, development is currently a bit slow since 0.3

Same as every year. Summer (vacation) hole?

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