Gauge hangs at beginning of new battle #652

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I spotted an issue during a test. Say I,m fighting Nine-Tail-fox. I beat him and it goes
back to the map and the cutscene that was playing continues. The Event brings
another boss battle. (E.G, Kraken) Everything appears as it should but when the battle actually starts,
The hero's battle window freezes up. All you can do is move the cursor around but nothing happens when you push the select button. What is wrong? Also, Are you going to add weapons anytime soon?

Ghabry commented Nov 25, 2015

Oh wow. A Wii user. That's cool.
We need more information:

  • Name of the game
  • ID of the battle (you can see the ID in easyrpg_log.txt in the game directory)
  • Which weapons do you mean?

Sorry for taking long. Well, it's not one of those games
from online. I just threw one together with 2003.
And the sort of weapons I mean are like swords and sheilds.
Maybe they do work but I can't see them in battle. They're graphics don't show. (Unless I have forgotten)

Ghabry commented Nov 25, 2015

Could you upload the game somewhere?


I don't think so..My internet is pretty slow and it might take a while.


If your connection is really slow, we only need maps (MapXXXX.lmu), database (RPG_RT.ldb) and maptree (RPG_RT.lmt), zip them all and upload it somewhere (sendspace, mega, etc.), no graphics are strictly required, they could be replaced if needed. A savegame in the proper place would be appreciated. We can't analyze the glitch with precision without at least a minimum test case or a detailed way to reproduce the issue.


Please use some tool to create an archive out of the files next time, so the folder structure is preserved.

For the devs: The battles are 89 and 90. The game uses the unofficial english 2k3 RTP.

@Ghabry Ghabry removed the Needs feedback label Nov 29, 2015
Ghabry commented Nov 29, 2015

Thanks, that's all we need.
We will investigate the issue and report back when we need more information (or have a fix)

@Ghabry Ghabry added the Battle label Nov 29, 2015

Did you ever test it? Did you see the glitch, too?

@Ghabry Ghabry added the Hang label Dec 5, 2015
@Ghabry Ghabry changed the title from Wii: Battle Glitch to Gauge hangs at beginning of new battle Dec 5, 2015
Ghabry commented Dec 5, 2015

@MisterGrand the gauge hang in battles will be fixed and close this issue.

Please open another one for the "swords and sheilds." with a simple testcase.

@Ghabry Ghabry closed this in 51a630f Dec 5, 2015
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