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Ghabry commented Aug 31, 2015

The map interpreter works pretty well now, but battle... Hope this makes it a bit better

Fixes #550
Fixes #529
Fixes #551
Fixes #397
Fixes #564
Fixes #554
Fixes #555

Implements parts of #278

Needs feedback after:

BlisterB commented Sep 1, 2015

Great pull request Ghabry !

Ghabry commented Sep 5, 2015


BlisterB commented Sep 5, 2015

omg Ghabry is on fire

@Ghabry Ghabry added this to the 0.3.1 milestone Sep 6, 2015
Ghabry commented Sep 6, 2015

That's enough from my side. Open for review

Ghabry commented Sep 6, 2015

Okay found another critical bug... meh

Ghabry commented Sep 6, 2015

That's enough from my side. Open for review again ;)
Depends again on liblcf changes

Ghabry added some commits Aug 28, 2015
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle 2k3: Support battle animations as character sprites 809b381
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle 2k3: Auto placement of actors b23fd38
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle: Implement auto condition heal after X turns d2109fd
@Ghabry Ghabry Respect state restrictions when using skills 42c02a5
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle interpreter: Support Fork->LastAction and Condition->ActorTurn…
…. Fixes the tutorial battle in OFF:
@Ghabry Ghabry Window Skill: Fix subset include c76e6b2
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle 2k3: Recreate BattleTargetWindow correctly 39e1aac
@Ghabry Ghabry Remove Battle states AllyAction and EnemyAction, both are handled by …
…Battle state
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle RPG2k3: Handle actors with auto attack edd6676
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle: Improve message box handling 2e0be97
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle: Use correct terrain tag for battler placement, still not work…
…ing correctly
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle: Fix enemy condition "turn". Fixes #529 a3fdf56
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle: Fix Battler X/Y for party_size 1 case... I fail in math 0747d6c
@Ghabry Ghabry cbegin -> begin. remove c++11 usage 4219fd9
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle Test: Set Terrain ID 15c919b
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix maximal values for RPG2k3 48536cd
@Ghabry Ghabry Add additional Debug output 1063936
@Ghabry Ghabry Simplify battle scene Api eaa6c65
@Ghabry Ghabry RPG2k3: Support battle layout "Gauge" dc1c64b
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle RPG2k3: All targets fade out now. Fix #555 54c95de
@Ghabry Ghabry Change message box closing behaviour, otherwise they are skipped at e…
…nd of battle. Bet this breaks games :/
@Ghabry Ghabry Change battle animtion "IsDone" to remove the empty frame at the end …
…(resulted in flicker for Animated battlers)
@Ghabry Ghabry Workaround battle test error 8b9a38c
@Ghabry Ghabry Add Window to help output f933f09
@Ghabry Ghabry RPG2k3 battle: Show cursor 50c9bce
@Ghabry Ghabry Improve Skill algorithm (see #480) 92075e6
@Ghabry Ghabry Support absorb in battle algorithm b8bf125
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix absorb message f190baf
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix Hp/Sp alignment in 2k3 27aa79f
@Ghabry Ghabry Don't make message box transparent when battle mode is traditional 56c6f9f
@Ghabry Ghabry Remove OP_SRC from ToneBlit as suggested by scurest. Fixes #554 dd02571
@Ghabry Ghabry RPG2k3 Battle: Show Idle animation based on state a84f331
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle 2k3: Fix hang I just introduced when state is not idle... 7635587
@Ghabry Ghabry Revert the suggested bitmap fix (#554) fb26371
@Ghabry Ghabry Change z value of battle message window to value less then msgbox 6fad3b0
@Ghabry Ghabry Different approach to fix Sal battle (Wadanohara), previous one resul…
…ted in result message to appear to early
@Ghabry Ghabry Prevent drawing of garbage cells in battle animation b1079d9
@Ghabry Ghabry Opacity values got lost when using some blits. Disable tone changes f…
…or battle animations for now, because this breaks transparency.
@Ghabry Ghabry Battle: Make message box opaque when displaying result messages 478b5fc
@Ghabry Ghabry Revert line introduced 2 commits earlier 1cc5e40
@Ghabry Ghabry Add Kadokawa RTP 2000 to search path d35f44a
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix crash in actor animations ca81cd9
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix crash when at least one ally is dead and a skill that can target …
…a single ally is used.
@Ghabry Ghabry Make heal 100% hit in all cases aac53c5
@Ghabry Ghabry Fix #554 again. Thx scurest. bf14f17
@fdelapena fdelapena merged commit 57bd674 into EasyRPG:master Sep 7, 2015

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Hi, Fixes #397 is really necessary for playing Vampires Dawn, because it most useful Spell and Vampires going into Rampage, when they reach the low mark (yellow numbers).
Besides it is not only absorbing the hp to your sp - if they are bleeding, they have to lose hp every round

@Ghabry Ghabry deleted the Ghabry:battle branch Feb 21, 2016
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