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MySensors Nodes use Domoticz as Controller running Raspberry PI. How To

Hardware we need:

  • 1 Raspberry PI2 or newer.
  • 2 Two Arduinos or any clones with Radio (RFM 69 or NRF24) attached . One as Gateway Serial and the other one as some Sensor Node. In this How To I will use ButtonSizeNode for MySensors network.

Step 1.

Complete Preparation (for both methods) and Domoticz - The easy way steps from this guide: Installing and running Domoticz on a Raspberry PI

It may look a bit complicated but in fact it will be very easy

Step 2.

Load GatewaySerial.ino sketch into ButtonSizeNode or any Arduino + radio transiever (RFM69 or NRF24) attached. You can use use this guide or this MySensors guide in case you are not very famaliar with the matter. Connect USB FTDI to the Node to turn it into Serial Gateway.

Step 3.

Connect Gateway Serial into any RaspberryPi USB.

Step 4.

Open Domoticz web interface and choose marked 1 through 7 to setup the Gateway Serial as new hardware device

hardware device

Step 5.

Open Device list

Power up Sensor Node (Sketch for this node could be ButtonSizeNode.ino ). Find the node addreses in the device list below. Add it to the Domoticz.


If you use CryptoAuthentication in your nodes, do not forget to “personalize” all the nodes with encryption key then.

Use it

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