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Security "personalization" for MySensors SecurityPersonalizer.ino sketch How To

Very detailed explanation you can find here : Signing support created by Patrick "Anticimex" Fallberg

If you do not want to dive deep into it, just follow these 3 steps. Assume you know what is the Arduiono IDE and the Serial Monitor from the Arduiono IDE:

Step 1 - generate random MY_HMAC_KEY

You can skip Step 1 by filling some numbers instead of zeroes in SecurityPersonalizer.ino #define MY_HMAC_KEY 0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00,0x00.......

Open SecurityPersonalizer.ino from MySensors examples. Comment out lines:

//#define USER_KEY

Upload sketch to the node and open the serial monitor. Copy from the serial monitor #define MY_HMAC_KEY 0x blah blah blah

open serial monitor and copy #define MY_HMAC_KEY 0x blah blah blah

Step 2 - save MY_HMAC_KEY

Put #define MY_HMAC_KEY into here Put it here

Step 3 - write MY_HMAC_KEY into the Node


#define USER_KEY

Upload sketch into the node

Now you have CryptoAuthentication key written into Atsha204 chip. You can rewrite another one later if you want to change it.


Please note:

Your Node sketch you want to protect should have:

#define MY_SIGNING_ATSHA204 

your Gateway Serial sketch need basically only this one:

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