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EasyNOMP, a fork of BootNOMP and NOMP

Making it easy to install and configure NOMP!
Current Version: v1.1.4-dev


EasyNOMP pool is live @

Support via GitHub Issue Tracker and Discord: (Join #easyx-pool and ask @Shawn)

Visit the EasyX Community website:

Helping give NOMP & BootNOMP new life, with some style!

LeshaCat: "EasyNOMP is built for the EasyX Community & Pool. EasyNOMP is based off of BootNOMP. It's focus is to add patches, bug fixes, features, and quality documentation to BootNOMP to make it easy to install. BootNOMP gives NOMP a sleek looking new design, and fully re-designed and re-coded user interface! I saw the original dev working on BootNOMP and the source code and figured I could lend a hand. I have plans to rework the documentation, Block Explorer, Docker source, and some various configuration options. I decided a soft fork with pull requests to the original and parent projects would be best suited. If you would like to contribute, please consider looking at the parent project 1301313Y/BootNOMP and original project foxer666/node-open-mining-portal first, as these two guys are the only ones who are helping get the NOMP rebirthing process started."

1301313Y: "BootNOMP is all the things great about NOMP, now with modern style and design of BootStrap 4! Having disliked the previous UI, due to cramping, little to no info displayed while what is displayed is not very helpful to users. I decided to fork a already great project, and add some stylistic touches it severely needs. I would of considered requesting pulls to the main branch, though with such heavy changes to the project, I decided a hard fork would be well suited. But if you would like to contribute, please consider looking at the original project foxer666/node-open-mining-portal first, as these guys are the ones who helped get this NOMP rebirthing process started."

NOTE: If you want to help contribute, please look at the original project foxer666/node-open-mining-portal first!
NOTE: If you want to help contribute, please look at the parent project 1301313Y/BootNOMP first!

NOTE: You can fork this repository by clicking "fork" in the top right.


The payments issue is resolved. You may backup your configuration files, delete the EasyNOMP folder, clone this repository, and replace your configuration files again.

Please note, someone is trying to take over our fork and as a result we had to make our own repository from scratch.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


While the master branch is generally considered stable, leshacat/EasyNOMP is currently working on finalizing v1.1.4 and therefore the master branch will be considered unstable until our first release is finalized.

NOTE: Someone please test Docker, I made a few quick changes. Will come back to it later! ~LeshaCat


It has been posited to me that EasyNOMP is a hostile takeover of 1301313Y/BootNOMP or foxer666/node-open-mining-portal.

I want to be perfectly clear, this is not a hostile takeover of either of these two projects.

While I am open to a takeover with the original developers consent, I am not open to hostile takeovers of projects which I am friendly with and share source code. We are here (or at least I am) to help make crypto and open source stronger.


Feature Developer(s)
Patches pulled from everywhere / To keep EasyNOMP working, up to date, and secure! LeshaCat
Clear Documentation / To help you install & configure EasyNOMP LeshaCat
Live support on Discord / Join #easynomp and ask @Shawn! LeshaCat
Install Script / No dependancy problems! LeshaCat
Support for 43 Algorithms / Such hashing, much blocks! foxer666, zone117x, 1301313Y, LeshaCat
Additional Statistics Information / To keep you informed 1301313Y
Algorithm Auto-Switching / To keep you making profit! foxer666, zone117x, 1301313Y
SEO Optimized / So you don't have to! 1301313Y, LeshaCat
Donation Addresses / To make donation collection easier! LeshaCat


Node Open Mining Portal consists of 3 main modules:

Project Link
Stratum Pool
Node Multihashing

NOTE: Stratum Pool can be replaced with node-merged-pool -
NOTE: Add new algorithms using Node Multihashing -


Released under the GNU General Public License v2


NOTE: These requirements will be installed in the install section!

  • Node Version Manager
  • Node 8.1.4 or higher
  • Redis Server
  • Process Manager 2
  • ntp
  • Coin daemon(s)

Install Pool

Install instructions are in the directory docs/

Configure Pool

Pool configuration instructions are at the EasyNOMP Wiki:

Run in Docker

Docker instructions are in in the directory docs/


Changelog is in in the directory docs/

Hashing algorithms


Algorithm Comment
C11 tested shares and payments with Dixicoin
Groestl tested only shares with AuroraCoin, blocks not tested
lyra2rev2 shares work, needs tests with payments. currently being tested with Lunex coin
lyra2z Working in testnet mining and payouts
NeoScrypt working now thanks to @foxer666 pushing update to parent repo
Qubit Shares works, and blocks should now too.
Scrypt tested with AntiLiteCoin, 1CREDIT, ArgusCoin, WAYAWOLFCOIN and many others
SHA256 tested with VCOIN, don't use with BTC, no Segwit tested
X11 tested with BrainCoin, CannabisCoin, AdzCoin and many others
X16r tested with RavenCoin
Yescrypt needs tests, though should work
YescryptR16 needs tests, though should work
YescryptR32 currently being tested with WaviCoin. shares work, payments unconfirmed

Need tests

Algorithm Comment
? Argon2 need tests
? Blake need tests
? Blake2S need tests
? Cryptonight need tests
? Dcrypt need tests
? Decred need tests
? Fresh need tests
? Fugue need tests
? GroestlMyriad need tests
? Quark need tests
? Hefty1 need tests
? Keccak need tests
? Lbry need tests
? lyra2re need tests
? lyra2re2 need tests
? lyra2z330 need tests
? NIST5 need tests
? S3 need tests
? Scrypt-N need tests
? Scrypt-OG need tests
? Sha1 need tests
? SHAvite-3 need tests
? Skein need tests
? X11Ghost need tests
? X13 need tests
? X14 need tests
? X15 need tests
? zr5 need tests
? ziftr need tests

Don't work yet

Algorithm Comment
- Scrypt-Jane submitblock not working tested with CacheCoin, Yacoin




Pool Stats

Pool Stats

Miner Stats

Miner Stats

Block Explorer

Block Explorer


User Comment
foxer666 How could anyone forget the original foxer666/node-open-mining-portal dev?
1301313Y How could anyone forget the original 1301313Y/BootNOMP dev?
LeshaCat How could anyone forget the original leshacat/EasyNOMP dev?
- Fixed lots of documentation, configuration, and block explorer
a2hill helped with X16r
devnulled helped with lyra2z, neoscrypt algo
Kris Klosterman / krisklosterman Updated code for work with Node.JS >=8
Jerry Brady / mintyfresh68 got coin-switching fully working and developed proxy-per-algo feature
Tony Dobbs designs for front-end and created the NOMP logo
LucasJones got p2p block notify working and implemented additional hashing algos
UdjinM6 helped implement fee withdrawal in payment processing
Alex Petrov / sysmanalex contributed the pure C block notify script
svirusxxx sponsored development of MPOS mode
icecube45 helping out with the repo wiki
yoshuki43 his K-Nomp project has really help the development!

Those that contributed to node-stratum-pool

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