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A web application that helps store owners manage sales and product inventory records.
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Store Manager

A web application that helps store owners manage sales and product inventory records. Store owners/managers can create store attendant accounts who would be in charge of selling of items in the store.

Table Of Contents

Store Manager UI Template

Built With

Link to template: Store Manager Template

Store Manager API Backend

Built With

Testing Tools

Link to API: Store Manager API

Getting Started


You need Nodejs Installed to be able to run this project on your machine.


  • Clone Repository
git clone 

  • Change Directory To Store Manager
cd storemanager

  • Install Dependencies
npm install

  • Start Application
npm run start

  • Run Test
npm run test

  • Run Coverage Report
npm run coveralls

API Routes

Register User POST /api/v1/auth/signup PRIVATE
Login User POST /api/v1/auth/login PUBLIC
Make Store Attendant an Admin POST /api/v1/auth/makeadmin PRIVATE
Get Current User Details GET /api/v1/auth/current PRIVATE
Get All Store Attendants GET /api/v1/auth/attendants PRIVATE
Delete A Store Attendant DELETE /api/v1/auth/attendant/{id} PRIVATE
Get User By Id GET /api/v1/auth/{id} PRIVATE
Create New Product POST /api/v1/products PRIVATE
Get All Products GET /api/v1/products PRIVATE
Get Single Product Detail GET /api/v1/products/{id} PRIVATE
Update Single Product Detail PUT /api/v1/products/{id} PRIVATE
Delete Single Product Detail DELETE /api/v1/products/{id} PRIVATE
Assign Product To Category PUT /api/v1/products/{id}/{categoryId} PRIVATE
Create New Sale POST /api/v1/sales PRIVATE
Get All Sales GET /api/v1/sales PRIVATE
Get Single Sale Detail GET /api/v1/sales/{id} PRIVATE
Make a new Category POST /api/v1/categories/ PRIVATE
Get All Categories GET /api/v1/categories/ PRIVATE
Update a Category PUT /api/v1/categories/{id} PRIVATE
Delete a Category DELETE /api/v1/categories/{id} PRIVATE
Get a Category By Id GET /api/v1/categories/{id} PRIVATE


This project makes use of the MIT License which can be found here

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