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onwards The C++ Middleware Writer (CMW) is an on-line code generator. The CMW and the software found in this repository provide support for messaging and serialization. Here's an example of the input and output. A compiler with support for C++ 2020 or newer is required to use the CMW.


The software is under the BSD license. One of the files, quicklz.h, is from another developer and should only be used in conjunction with the CMW.


The library is header-only.

The middle tier of the CMW, called "cmwA", only gets built on Linux. Non-Linux developers can use the CMW by running the middle tier on a Linux system. The front tier of the CMW, called "genz", is built on all platforms.

The following can be used:

mkdir build; cd build

cmake -S .. -G "Unix Makefiles"



Before running the middle tier, modify your cmwA.cfg file to include your ambassador ID and password. The maximum length of an ambassador ID is 20.

Running the middle tier -- cmwA (after installing)

Before running the middle tier normally, it needs to be run with the -signup flag:

cmwA cmwA.cfg -signup

The program exits when run this way. If this step worked, a message is output to the terminal indicating so. Otherwise, an error message is logged. After registering, the cmwA can be run normally:

nohup cmwA cmwA.cfg &


After successfully signing up using the middle tier, you can request an account number be associated with your ambassador. To get an account send an email to with "Account" as the subject, and include the ambassador ID that you have chosen.

Running the front tier -- genz

After starting the cmwA, run genz like this:

genz 11 /home/brian/onwards/example/example.mdl

11 is an account number. Substitute your account number there.

The path to a Middle file (.mdl) is next. Zero or more header files are listed in a Middle file to specify a request. There's more info on Middle files here: .

Once you have built the software, I suggest copying example.mdl to one of your directories and modifying the copy according to your needs.


The middle tier has to be running for the front tier to work. If genz fails with "No reply received. Is the cmwA running?" make sure the middle tier is running.

Another possible problem could be due to a "breaking change" between the back and middle tiers. We may have changed the protocol between these tiers and now your version of the middle tier no longer works. The thing to do in this case is to check our website for an announcement/email that you may have missed. Probably you will have to clone the new version of the repo and then rebuild and reinstall in order to fix the problem.

If you have only moved/renamed header files listed in your .mdl files, you will need to touch those files (update timestamps) so the changes will be "noticed" by the cmwA.

Thank you for using the software.