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IITC plugin: draw tools mobile

This is a fork of original "draw tools" with mobile device optimizations. Specifically -- you can actually draw on your smartphone :-).


Assuming you already have IITC just → install the script.

Other plugins

Note! To use IITC on mobile devices I recomend using Firefox. IITC mobile app is now a bit outdated and Firefox will give a better experience. I prepared a plugin to tweak some stuff to make IITC work better in mobile browsers (Firefox for Android recomended). See: iitc-plugin-mobile-fox.

See also: my other IITC plugins.


  1. Touch device support (smrtphones, laptop touch screens etc).
  2. Show lenght of last section of a poly-line (last segment distance and total distance).
  3. Show area for polygon being drawn.
  4. Easily finish shapes by tapping on a tooltip beside last point. Now you don't have tap on the last point (which can be hard with large fingers 😉). Just tap the tip and your done.
  5. Undo action for lines and polygons -- removes last segment so you can try again. You can remove all points and try again.
  6. Undo action for markers -- remove a marker quickly without the need to switch to delete mode. This works for all markers added in one go (so you don't accidently remove your old markers).

Test it out at let me know if you have some other ideas 🙂.