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IITC plugin: Self location

Self location tracker. Obviously works best on a mobile device.

Basically this plugin shows your position on the map. It can also show your tracks on the map when you move. This should allow you to see where you are heading even if your compass doesn't work well (or doesn't work at all).

See also: my other IITC plugins.


Assuming you already have IITC just → install the script.


Your trace on the map

Your location is tracked every time you switch to IITC. It might be paused when you switch to other apps. To stop tracking just disable this plugin in Tampermonkey (or in IITC app if you use that).

Note that your location is on a separate layer. So you can temporarily hide your location if it obstructs your view.

Go to your current location

To go to your current location tap on the location button (left sidebar ). This will put you in the middle of the map.

To start a constant tracing mode tap and hold the button (about 2 seconds). When your location changes the map will move with you. Depending on your zoom level and location accuracy this might be every few meters or more.

The location button icon will change depending on your current mode. It will also change briefly when clicked.

Distance to portal

This plugin integrates with the Distance to portal plugin. Obviously you need to install it, but integration is done automatically. Once your location is read from your device it will be made available to the distance plugin.

After initial setup the location will only be updated if it is more accurate. If you are walking outside then the distance on a portal card should be accurate up to 10 meters. However distance is calculated only when you open the portal card. You would have to reopen the portal card to see updated distance.


Your location is only for you to see. They are not sent anywhere by this plugin.

Also note that when you refresh the page the locations are gone, wiped out. They are only stored in temporary memory of your device.

If you do want to permanently store your location then I would suggest Endomondo or something ;-).