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Jenkins Scripts

Jenkins JavaScript enhancements package.

The theme folder contains simple _packaging script that builds theme.js for simple inclusion in Jenkins with Simple Theme Plugin.

Quick start

  1. Download theme.js and theme.css from theme/_build.
  2. Install Simple Theme Plugin in your Jenkins.
  3. Configure Simple Theme Plugin to point to your downloaded theme.js and theme.css.

At this point most enhancements described below should work in your Jenkins installation. You might need to download other files from the _build folder for all enhancements to work properly.


Adds a simple filter input for views. Allows quick job filtering searching by words in any order. Technically it simply hides unmatched rows.


Integrates EditArea syntax highlighting engine to enhance Linux shell (bash) scripts editing. This includes commands executed through SSH.

Self update with syntax highlighting

Grouping parameters

This is a bit hacky enhancement to allow collapsing blocks of parameters with a checkbox. For example you have a checkbox to enable some tests and when it's checked it shows additional testing parameters (hidden by default). Or - my personal favorite - there are some dangerous options that you need to make sure users understands.

Please vote for a less hacky solution is in the issue JENKINS-19002.

Collapsed group Opened group

Above screenshots are from running an example job with a single group (config.xml)

How to make collapsible groups now?

Step 1. Start a group

To start a group add a "Choice" parameter named group-start with following options (you can just add one of the options):

  • collapsible - if option is given then it will be possible to close the group with a button.
  • collapsed - if option is given the group will be closed by default.
  • checkboxTrigger-SomeCheckboxParameterName - if option is given group will be closed when checkbox is unchecked (and shown otherwise).

This parameter will be invisible to the user and will also not be submitted with the job.

Step 2. Add trigger

If you use checkboxTrigger-SomeCheckboxParameterName then you should add a checkbox ("Boolean Value") parameter below group-start. The parameter should be named "SomeCheckboxParameterName".

Step 3. End a group

Group continues until the end of params or next group start box. To end a group before the end of params add a "Choice" parameter named group-start with option "-".

Minor enhancements

  • nux-js/minor-fixes.js - contains various minor fixes (mainly usability enhancements).
  • nux-js/checkboxes-helper.js - for each large checkboxes group add a "clear all" / "choose all" button.