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Professional Networking and Recruiting Service with Verified Info on Blockchain - LinkedIn on Blockchain
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EchoLink Service

EchoLink Service is the core service offering of EchoLink Project. The EchoLink Service is a blockchain based system that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information.

Taking advantage of blockchain technology's immutability and time stamp functionality, EchoLink provides users with trusted information regarding a job candidate's education, skill, and work experience. EchoLink provides savings to recruiters in time and financial resources. The EchoLink system can also be used for additional industries, such as banking, finance, general notary service. EchoLink is building high-trust economy through innovations in blockchain technology.

*Reference implementation on Ethereum and Neo-Project. Other blockchains are supported.

Rinkeby Testnet Service

EchoLink Service Rinkeby Test is available.

Credential Creation

Smart contract to create inmutable record of credential from issuer to recipient

Web Interface

W3j interface to inspect the content of the credential. Results in encypted format and can be resolved through Echo name mapping service


EchoLink Whitepaper

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