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Erlang PostgreSQL Connection Pool
* Application
epgsql_pool will create any pools defined in the application's 'pools' environment
parameter, which is a list of atoms. Each atom must refer to an environment parameter
with the same name and value {Size, Opts} where Opts is a property list with the
following supported options:
host - host to connect to, default "localhost".
port - port to connect to, default 5432.
username - username to authenticate with, default os:getenv("USER").
password - password to authenticate with, default "".
database - database to connect to, no default.
.config file example:
{epgsql_pool, [{pools, [db1, db2]},
{db1, {10, [{database, "db1"}]}},
{db2, {10, [{database, "db2"}]}}]}
* Pool Usage
{ok, C} = pgsql_pool:get_connection(Pool, Timeout).
Pool - Pid or Name of pool.
Timeout - Time, in milliseconds, to wait for a free connection.
ok = pgsql_pool:return_connection(Pool, Connection).
* Details
epgsql_pool monitors the process which called get_connection and returns the
allocated connection to the pool if that process dies. If a connection dies,
a new one is created and added to the pool in its place.