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Erlang :: Exponential moving average library

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This module implements exponential moving average logic,
a useful data structure to store hits/second averaged over some time period.

For a general description see:


1. Create a moving average code with a given smoothing window.

	M1 = jn_mavg:new_mavg(300).

2. Update the moving average by accounting for new incoming events.

	M2 = jn_mavg:bump_mavg(M1, 1).
	M3 = jn_mavg:bump_mavg(M2, 1).

3. Query moving average value.

	EventsPerMinute = jn_mavg:getEventsPer(M3, 60).
	EventsPerHour = jn_mavg:getEventsPer(M3, 3600).

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