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GTDB-Tk v1.3.0 was released on July 17, 2020 along with new reference data for GTDB R05-RS95. Upgrading is recommended.

GTDB-Tk is a software toolkit for assigning objective taxonomic classifications to bacterial and archaeal genomes based on the Genome Database Taxonomy GTDB. It is designed to work with recent advances that allow hundreds or thousands of metagenome-assembled genomes (MAGs) to be obtained directly from environmental samples. It can also be applied to isolate and single-cell genomes. The GTDB-Tk is open source and released under the GNU General Public License (Version 3).

Notifications about GTDB-Tk releases will be available through the GTDB Twitter account (

Please post questions and issues related to GTDB-Tk on the Issues section of the GitHub repository. Questions related to the GTDB should be sent to the GTDB team.



GTDB-Tk is described in:

The Genome Taxonomy Database (GTDB) is described in:

We strongly encourage you to cite the following 3rd party dependencies:


Copyright 2017 Pierre-Alain Chaumeil. See LICENSE for further details.