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ACE Guix package repository

This is a colleciton of GNU Guix packages to make installation simpler. It is particularly aimed at software produced by the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, but may be used for other genomics/metagenomics -related packages as well. Contributions are most welcome!

To use this repository, you'll need to install Guix on a Linux machine as per the usual method described in the Guix manual, and then use the ACE repository like so:

git clone
GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=ace-guix guix package -i dirseq ruby

Then you'll have have dirseq in your profile, including dependencies such as bedtools and ruby. If you have not done so already, you'll need to modify your environment variables as instructed.

Software available

  • dirseq is a metatranscriptome-target gene coverage calculator

ACE Software available in the main Guix repository

For some packages this repository is not needed as the software can be installed by the usual method in Guix (better there than here) e.g. one can simply

guix pacakge -i orfm
  • OrfM is a fast open reading frame finder for contigs and reads.

##License The ACE Guix repository is available under GPL version 3 or later.