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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Usage
Performs uninstall of Magento module from instance
### Mass Install of Magento versions
- $ mage-ci install-multiple <directory> <prefix> <version1> ... <versionN> <OPTIONS>
+ $ bin/mage-ci install-multiple <directory> <prefix> <version1> ... <versionN> <OPTIONS>
Installs multiple version of magento at <directory> in subdirectories which name is a combined value of <prefix>-<version>
-d <download_dir> Directory where all downloads are stored
-u <db_user> DB Username
@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ Usage
-r <sql_base_url> SQL dumps repository url for a particular Magento version (<sql_base_url>/<version>.sql.gz)
### Dump databases of existing installed versions
- $ mage-ci db-dump <directory> <prefix> <version1> ... <versionN> <OPTIONS>
+ $ bin/mage-ci db-dump <directory> <prefix> <version1> ... <versionN> <OPTIONS>
Creates Magento database dump file at <directory> directory with name <file_prefix><version>.sql.gz, the data dunped database is <prefix>_<version>
-u <db_user> DB Username
-p <db_pass> DB Password

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