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@@ -16,3 +16,33 @@ In the _require_ or alternatively in the _require-dev_ section, add the followin
"ecomdev/mage-ci: "dev-master"
+### Installing a particular Magento version
+ $ bin/mage-ci install <magento_directory> <version> <db_name> <OPTIONS>
+ Installs a Magento version to a specified destination
+ -c Create databases flag
+ -t Create test database flag (only in combination with -c option)
+ -u <db_user> DB Username
+ -p <db_pass> DB Password
+ -r <sql_base_url> SQL dumps repository url for a particular Magento version (<sql_base_url>/<version>.sql.gz)
+ -f <sql_dump_file> SQL dump file, if you'd like to preinstall some data and specfied -c option
+### Installing a Magento module
+ $ bin/mage-ci install-module <magento_directory> <module_dir_or_vcs_url>
+ Installs a Magento module with modman definition
+### Updating installed Magento modules
+ $ bin/mage-ci update-modules <magento_directory>
+ Updates all installed modman modules at specified Magento instnace
+### Uninstalling Magento version
+ $ bin/mage-ci uninstall <magento_directory> [<db_name>] <OPTIONS>
+ Performs uninstall of Magento instance
+ -u <db_user> DB Username
+ -p <db_pass> DB Password
+### Uninstalling Magento module
+ $ bin/mage-ci uninstall-module <magento_directory> <module_dir_or_vcs_url>
+ Performs uninstall of Magento module from instance

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