Local In, a Wordpress theme for geolocated participation
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Version 3.0

local_in, the theme that turns your WordPress into a participatory mapping tool.


  • Download or clone this repo
  • Edit the file local_in/general-vars.php following the comments inside the file
  • Copy the local_in folder to the themes folder in your WordPress instalation.
  • Activate the theme
  • The theme will create the needed content: some pages that you can edit after that.


  • Go to Settings/Permalinks and set Common Settings to 'Post name'.
  • If you want users to be able to edit their own messages, you can go to General Settings and change the New User Default Role to 'Author'. Otherwise, leave it set as 'Subscriber'.
  • You can then go to Posts/Categories, create the categories you want, and assign icons to them.

Design and logos

In the file icons.svg you can find all of the icons used in the theme.

Feel free to use them, modify them and share them because they are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.


For more information, please visit the official website: http://ecosistemaurbano.com/portfolio/localin.

The application is delivered 'as is', we can not offer free support for everyone. However, we do offer professional support in case you don't have the knowledge or the resources to install it and fix possible bugs by yourself.

If you want to contact us for any reason, just send an e-mail to: info@ecosistemaurbano.com


The team,

ecosistema urbano