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#Bioregion Discovery Tool

Create bioregional maps and receive custom reports on your region's social and ecological characteristics and vulnerabilities.

The Bioregion Discovery Tool allows users to visualize and learn about the regions where we live.

You will be asked to (1) prioritize a list of biophysical and cultural parameters and (2) select the place you call home on the globe. Your selections will seed an analysis process that will determine your bioregion, through a cost-distance analysis that starts with your selected home and examines variations between adjoining map cells. Greater variation between cells entails a greater "cost" of inclusion in a region. Costs are assigned based on variations in biophysical characteristics, such as temperature, elevation, vegetation and precipitation, as well as variations in language groups.

Once you have created a bioregion, you may run reports, drawing from numerous data sources, on the social and ecological characteristics of your region, as well as its vulnerabilities to potential climate change scenarios.