An online tool for forest management scenario planning
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Forest Scenario Planner

An Online Tool for Forest Management Scenario Planning

Ecotrust has created the Forest Planner to give forest management scenario planning capacity to all Oregon and Washington land managers. Users will be able to visualize alternative management scenarios on their lands and receive immediate feedback on how their decisions might pay off in terms of timber harvests and financial returns, as well as public benefits like carbon storage and ecosystem services.

Using the Scenario Planning Tool

  • Find and map your property with helpful map layers such as tax lots
  • Use preloaded Forest Inventory Analysis data (FIA) or upload their own cruise data
  • Designate forest management areas or stands with riparian buffers and steep slopes
  • Define management prescriptions
  • Specify timber and carbon market prices

Scenario Planning Tool Outputs:

  • Graphs of timber volume and financial returns generated over time
  • Optimized harvest schedule
  • Choose from a spectrum of harvest practices and apply them to the management units you want
  • Maps of standing timber volume, species and age class over time
  • Visualize potential to realize carbon credits and ecosystem-based incentives over time

Additional Features

  • Secure and confidentially store and manage data and scenario runs
  • Share scenarios between collaborators to explore collaborative decision making among forest landowners and managers