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Madrona Prioritization Tool

Ecotrust, in partnership with USFW, the NPLCC and BLM, have developed a framework for developing heurstic-based prioritization tools.

The priorities tool is based on Madrona and Marxan.

It is designed so that the code could be easily repurposed for other projects...

Updating the dataset for an existing priorties tool

See Process for loading new dataset

To launch a new priorities tool.

  • Spatial data prep. Decide on polygon planning units and summarize targets and costs to the planning units. See docs/

  • Clone the git repository and create a new branch

cd /usr/local/apps/src
git clone <NEW_PROJECT_NAME> 
git branch <NEW_PROJECT_NAME>
git checkout <NEW_PROJECT_NAME> 
git push -u origin <NEW_PROJECT_NAME> 
  • Customize the global settings, fixtures, etc for this project (and commit them to the project branch). Test locally.

  • Deploy the initial installation; a virtualenv, madrona, python dependencies, postgres, django etc. (see docs/

  • Import the dataset and deploy subsequent Updates to the code or dataset using fabric (see docs/updating.txt)


  • Modify code in the master branch to add new features. Keep the commits atomic and merge/cherry-pick back into project branches as needed. Merge carefully and don't bring merge over any project-specific changes.

  • Modify the project branches for project-specific tweaks. Don't push these changes back into the master branch.



Madrona-based conservation prioritization tool



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