Madrona Virtual Machine

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The Madrona virtual machine was built on Ubuntu 12.04 Server (32-bit) with an LXDE desktop. It comes with Madrona and all of it's dependencies installed so you can start building sites right out of the box.

  1. Download and install VirtualBox.

  2. Download the Madrona Appliance (~ 1.1GB)

  3. File > Import Applicance > select the .ova file.

  4. Set up networking. In the VM Manager,

select the Madrona VM 
click the "Settings" icon
click on "Network"
Check that your network card is listed in the "Name" field
Click "OK"
  1. Start and follow instructions on screen

Known Issues

  • User must set up hosts file
  • The network interface is hardcoded in the ova xml file and must be (re)set manually by virtualbox
  • You can't create a Folder named "Folder"

Verify Integrity of the download

MD5 Checksum and filesize
8e31e61c9859d9e1e9250227fd9b687e  1095751680  madrona_virtual_v1.ova
4c0e63843548e7e7c5b02c3b4599be5e  1174923264  madrona_virtual_v2.ova
8e56fc0b335e54d515036ea71c4fd22f  1187844096  madrona_virtual_v3.ova


version 3.0, 2012-05-21

  • install virtual box guest additions for screen resizing and copy/paste between host and guest.
  • update madrona and madrona-app-generator code to latest master
    • madrona: geojson support
    • madrona-app-generator: modal dialog to wait for initialize

version 2.0, 2012-05-08

  • generated apps now owned by madrona user (no chmod/chown necessary)
  • Sublime Text editor installed
  • git pulled madrona
  • some text changes to madrona-app-generator
  • admin media alias for app vhost fixed
  • disabled screensaver
  • mod_wsgi run as single process/single thread