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Update provider for WordPress.
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WP Update Provider


WUP Logo

WUP provides an interface in the WordPress admin panel to create and manage theme/plugins updates. From WUP you can see the current version of your package and the site_urls of any sites using it along with the version they are running.


Head over to releases and download the provided ZIP file.

Upload it to your WordPress site and activate the plugin.


Creating a Package

At the bottom of the WordPress admin side bar you will see WP Update Provider. Open it and click add new.

To create a package you need to supply its name and slug. Slug needs to match the slug clients will use.

Releasing a Version

Using the dashboard

When viewing a package there is a file uploader in which you can place a ZIP file. This file will be uploaded and parsed through the same system as the CI uploader.

Using CI

WUP-Client provides a function to send builds from your CI.

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