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A futuristic ride share app for space travel written in full stack .NET with Blazor
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Are you ready to count down to liftoff? In this session, we test the limits of the .NET stack in an incredible mission to build BlazePort, a futuristic ride share app for space travel. We'll use a mashup of the latest in .NET technologies: leveraging CosmosDB for data persistence, model travel prices with ML.NET (via an Azure Function), and go full-stack with ASP.NET Core and Blazor for an end-to-end C# development experience. Strap yourself in for fast paced demos and hot bits on this journey through the .NET ecosystem.


This app requires a Trial license to Telerik UI for Blazor. Obtain a free trial from

Once you obtain a free trial, please follow the NuGet Source instructions to add the Telerik packages.


This application uses CosmosDB. To initialize, seed, and read/write you must create a CosmosDB account, then apply the settings from your account to user secrets. The application uses the following user secrets settings.

  "CosmosSettings": {
    "AccountEndpoint": "https://(yourinfo)",
    "AccountKey": "(yourinfo)",
    "DatabaseName": "BlazePort"
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