Ultra light Sass grid
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#Wisp ##An ultra light Sass grid

Wisp consists of two Sass mixins that can perform most grid duties. Ultra lightweight at just 783 bytes.

row row($nested: [false, true]) Defines an element as a grid row. Use true/false to toggle nested grid gutters.

column column($column-width: [100%]) Defines an element as a grid column. The element will occupy the assigned percentage of the grid space including gutters.

##Settings Just two settings and a few pre-defined grid sizes. Grid sizes are easy to add and remove, just define a value between 1-100%.

$layout-width: 980px; // For auto margins
$gutter: 24px; // white space between columns
// Predefined column widths
// These are suggestions, feel free to add your own
//golden ratio
$golden-small: 38.2%;
$golden-large: 61.8%;
$one-third: 33.33%;
$two-thirds: 66.66%;
$one-quarter: 25%;
$one-half: 50%;
$three-quarters: 75%;

##Example (responsive mobile first)

Sass: @import "wisp";

$large-device-width: 768px;

// All the things
section {
        @include row;

/ Default (yay, moble first demo)
@media only screen {
    .fifty-fifty {
         @include column;

@media only screen and (min-width: $large-device-width) {
    .fifty-fifty {
         @include column($one-half);


    <div class="fifty-fifty">
        Content Left
        <div class="fifty-fifty">
        Content Right