A lightweight Sinatra app that sends AWS SNS notifications to HipChat
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AWS SNS to HipChat

A lightweight Sinatra service which sends AWS SNS notifications to HipChat

##To Install git clone the repo to your server. git clone https://github.com/EdEmanTech/aws_sns_to_hipchat.git

##To Run Assuming you have ruby installed, just run bundler gem install bundler

Then bundle install

And finally to Start the Service RACK_ENV=production ruby aws_sns_to_hipchat.rb -p <PORT NUMBER>

Todo: Add an upstart script. Add some real logging. Change the json parsing to allow new parsing sections that we get added to a collection of parsing rules to run through... you know, More Open/Closed principle ;)

Please submit pull requests, happy to hear feedback.

Copyright (c) 2014 Emmanuel Acheampong