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- Need to implement parsing for print
- Should combine the LineRange option with an int value that has the different
ways a count can be combined with a Line Range
- Global count and range
- Should ;global move the caret to the start of the line? How do commands which
don't take a range behave?
- Global should work in an undo transaction
- Maybe ? LineRange needs to be taken out of LineCommand. It shoud be an indpendent
which is passed down.
Maybe not. How will this work with end counts?
- I think every "Some lineRange" in Parser.fs should just remove the option from the node. Maybe
the option should go await entirely and instead we add an Unspecified / Default member
to LineRange. No loss of fidelity there
this would also solve the issue of conveying a default. Some commands default an
empty range to the curret line and others the entire buffer
- test :global / print moves the caret
- :global should be passing an empty SnapshotLineRange down to each of the LineCommand
values and not the current line. The command itself must interpret the default case
and provide the appropriate value. This can be proven by doing a :g with a command
of retab. It will retab the entire file not the lines that match.
That's going to take some work.