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Pixel Pattern making software, using adaptive palettes
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by Ed Salisbury


MyPixelPal is a web-based tool to create patterns for use in crafts such as Perler beads, cross-stitch, latchhook, etc. -- anything that uses a pattern of dots to create. The software will take an image that you upload, match it to a palette, and display the pattern, with color counts associated. After writing the software and hosting it for many years, I decided to de-prioritize web development (and in turn stop paying for a webhost), so I took down as of 2017/01/01, and decided to make the software open source.


MyPixelPal requires PHP and a webserver to run. The most common way to do this locally is to install a product like XAMPP. After you get that up and running, download and put the contents of this MyPixelPal repo into the document directory (/Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs on OSX), or if you have git installed, go to the htdocs directory, and run:

git clone

To use mypixelpal, browse to http://localhost/mypixelpal/public/ and you should see the main page, where you can upload images, etc. If you run into permissions issues after uploading an image, you will need to chmod the images and palettes directories to be able to write to them.

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