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Below is a list of items that could (should?) be added to Herrie's
sourcecode. Feel free to implement them. Patches are, as always, very
Graphical user interface:
- Add some kind of small help to the application, for people that are
unwilling to read the man page
- Allow numeric multipliers just like vi
- Add copy/paste functionality to playlist
- Use different colors for files, playlists and directories
- Recursive searching
- Show whether repeat is turned on
- Make startup-configuration of repeat-switch configurable
- Allow Herrie to be controlled outside the interface through /tmp
- Add the ability to show the filename of the song that's currently playing
- Allow randomized playback in XMMS mode without shuffling the list
Audio abstraction:
- Implement better buffering scheme for ALSA
- Fully implement more audio file formats
- Apple Lossless
- WavPack
- CD playback
- 5.1 support?
- Make ALSA buffer size configurable
- Tag information on internet streams
- Add DBus hooks
- Add support for CUE files
- Implement `Now playing' feature
Virtual filesystem:
- Add some kind of 'recursive' VFS: playlists on HTTP
- Perform more testing on XSPF compliance
- Add custom sorting to VFS directory support, i.e. by date
- Usage guide
- Write a developers guide?
CoreAudio (OS X) bugs:
- Audio device properties cannot be set once the data source changes
(e.g. if headphones are plugged in/out, the volume cannot be changed with
herrie's controls anymore).
Solution: ???
- Gaps can sometimes be heard when music is playing.
Solution: implement a better buffering scheme (maybe by using a queue with a
few buffers?).