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Jille commented Apr 28, 2012

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Why not just use playq_repeat = config_getopt_bool("playq.repeat"); ? Also, put a space between switch and ( ;-)


Please initialize this with "no", as it is a boolean. :-)


Looks good! Just make sure you process the comments I made for ae9a9af and I'll pull it in!

Jille commented on ae9a9af Apr 28, 2012

I didn't do it that way on purpose. Repeat-mode should be on when in XMMS mode but defaults to off in partymode. This way it defaults to whether we run in XMMS-mode and gives the possibility to override it in either case.

@Jille Jille Add a random space
as it matches Ed's style.
Jille commented May 19, 2012


@EdSchouten Add support for reverse searching.
While there refactor some of the function names to make more sense. The
word `next' may now refer to actually previous elements.

Based on a patch by Jille Timmermans <>. Thanks!

But I guess the current version isn't entirely correct. You can't set the boolean field to "". Just run ./configure strict debug [...] and it should probably crash on startup now. I guess there is no sane framework right now to let boolean configuration values depend on each other. I guess the best thing to do, would be to set the boolean to no by default, and let people enable it explicitly.

Jille commented May 30, 2012

How about ed60922? I'm not sure whether it matches with your design-choices.

(Github failed to notify me of your comment, btw)


Hm... I think I'm sticking to my preference of having no config options depend on each other. Just set it to "no" by default. People need to change the config file to enable XMMS-mode anyway, so what's the problem with just adding another config switch to enable repeat?

Jille commented May 31, 2012

They can also use herrie -x. I will update my patches.

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