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Commits on Feb 13, 2012
  1. Fix frontier and explored lists searching

    Edd Porter committed
    Fixed the code that checks whether the current state has been seen
    before, either in the frontier or the explored lists. A sort of
    quick-and-dirty fix using the `underscore` library's `any` function.
    This will probably be the hottest of the framework and so may require
    some attention in the future.
  2. Change testing framework to `mocha`

    Edd Porter committed
    Changed the testing framework from `nodeunit` to `mocha` (using the
    `should` library for assertions).
Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. Remove dependency on `underscore` module

    Edd Porter committed
    The `underscore` module was initially added during development but was
    not required in the end.
  2. Fix async execution and write multi-step searches

    Edd Porter committed
    Resolved an issue with the asynchronous execution: it is now actually
    asynchronous and not a direct call to another function. There appears to
    be a bug in the unit testing library that doesn't support usage of
    `process.nextTick`, but for now this has been worked around by using the
    less efficient `setTimeout callback, 0` function.
    The search algorithm also now supports multiple step paths and caveats
    identified around that have been documented in the code (regarding state
    copying). Unit tests for the above have been written.
  3. Rename repository from _search_ to _tsuikyuu_.

    Edd Porter committed
    _tsuikyuu_ is the Japanese for a pursuit.
Commits on Feb 5, 2012
  1. Wrote algorithm for simple paths

    Edd Porter committed
    Updated the mechanism by which users can specify their custom functions
    and begun creating unit tests for the `search` class. All tests
    currently pass, but the search algorithm currently only works for simple
    environments where every state is a goal state.
  2. Add search class with basic skeleton outline

    Edd Porter committed
    Added an initial `Search` class with an outline of the code structure.
    Hooks for the client to register the various customised functions have
    also been put in place. Nothing has been tested, however; it is just a
    skeleton framework to be built upon.
  3. Update `package.json` with additional information.

    Edd Porter committed
    Updated the `package.json` file with extra properties that weren't
    included in the templated version: keywords and directories. Also
    modified the supported `node` version.
  4. Add initial `package.json` file

    Edd Porter committed
    Created the initial `package.json` file using the `npm init` command.
  5. First commit

    Edd Porter committed
    Added an empty README file.
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