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Machinon theme

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This is a theme for Domoticz in machinon project. Theme in progress with project machinon:


  • In Progress
  • 1.- Selector boxes, need update design
  • 2.- Hardware page and devices need updating
  • 3.- Tiles with new text and bigger size values
  • 4.- Settings page re-design -> Eddie
  • 5.- When a device is offline the tile should fade off, is this possible? -> Zeplin
  • 6.- Timers screen -> Eddie -> Zeplin
  • 7.- Charts screens -> Eddie -> Zeplin
  • 8.- Remove go back button from design on settings -> Eddie

Ideas (wish list)

  • In Progress
  • 1.- Custom merge multiple metrics into one tile (ie: energy + trigger switch)
  • 2.- Dark theme


On your Raspberry Pi, in Domoticz theme directory :

cd /home/${USER}/domoticz/www/styles
git clone machinon
sudo /etc/init.d/ restart

Domoticz version previous 4.10393

In Domoticz version before 4.10393 the tabs for switches, scenes and utility is width is not correct. There is modified html files in ../machinon/views to replace files in ../www/views


cd /home/${USER}/domoticz/www/styles/machinon
git pull

Checking beta

cd domoticz/www/styles
git clone machinon-beta
cd machinon-beta
git checkout beta

Finally preview:

Idea of theme machinon

Dark Theme Dark Theme

Compact Dashboard with camera Compact Dashboatd camera

New setup layout Suggested new Setup layout - not implemented yet

Cache problems:

A lot of the problems users experience after a domoticz update are gone when the browsercache and appcache are cleared. There are also quite a number of posts on this forum related to these kind of problems.

To summarize and sorted from little effort to a bit more effort take these steps and check after each step if it address the issues you encounter.

  • clear browser cache and appcache Chrome: chrome://appcache-internals/# Firefox:

  • in www/js look for domoticz.js.gz, if its there remove it, (KEEP domoticz.js !! )

  • use incognito mode using Chrome [control] [shift] n Firefox: [control] [shift] p

  • restart domoticz

  • rename the location of the original installation and install the new version to an empty target directory. Next copy database and scripts from the old location and fire it up.

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