A simple Twitter streaming API for .Net / Unity
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Streamer - .Net / Unity access to the Twitter Streaming API

by Eddie Cameron (@eddiecameron / www.grapefruitgames.com)

A simple API to let your .Net or Unity apps access the deluge of information available on the live Twitter stream. Simplify connection, JSON parsing and OAuth handling.

To use:

v0.9 - Initial public release

  • Set up location and track query parameters on the /filter method (streaming only)
  • Has basic auth, or, if you set up your own access tokens, OAuth
  • Parses status, username, location and hashtags from the live feed. May ignore tweets with unusual characters in the status.

v1.0 - Generally useable release

  • Full support for oAuth via passcode authorisation. Users can now use their own accounts in your app
  • Added the follow query parameter, for filtering all tweets in reply/RTing a certain person
  • Fixed the JSON parser to correctly unescape special characters & unicode
  • Some other minor reliability/error reporting fixes


  • add more query options
  • add Twitter REST API access (post tweets, access a users timeline, etc)
  • places support (currently only supports coordinates)