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Ethereum Decentralized Digital Identity & Trust Services

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  1. identity-dapp identity-dapp Public

    The DApp that allows the user to manage its ERC725 Identity

    JavaScript 3 2

  2. identity-contracts identity-contracts Public

    The ERC725 Smart Contract itself

    JavaScript 1 1

  3. ltcertifier-dapp ltcertifier-dapp Public archive

    The DApp used to link a Luxtrust X502 Certificate to an ERC725 identity

    JavaScript 1

  4. ltcertifier-orelysvc ltcertifier-orelysvc Public

    The service used to allow a user to use its Luxtrust certificate

    Scala 1

  5. eddits-auth eddits-auth Public

    EDDITS authentication service.

    JavaScript 1

  6. claimissuers-contracts claimissuers-contracts Public

    SmartContract for EDDITS Claim issuers

    JavaScript 1


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