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An Atom package that breaks long lines on the preferred line length boundaries
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Line-Breaker Package

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NOTICE: Since I no longer use Atom as my daily editor, I no longer actively maintain or add features to line-breaker. However, if you submit a Pull Request, I will merge them.

An Atom package for breaking long lines of text at the preferred line length boundary. Able to handle entire documents, commented code, and indented text. See the screenshots below for some examples.


  • Break the selected lines or the current line and preserve indentation:

    • alt-cmd-enter on macOS
    • alt-ctrl-enter on Windows and Linux
  • Break the selected lines or the current line and ignore indentation:

    • alt-cmd-shift-enter on macOS
    • alt-ctrl-shift-enter on Windows and Linux


Breaking a long line: Screenshot

Breaking a collection of paragraphs: Screenshot

Breaking variably indented paragraphs Screenshot

Breaking long comments Screenshot

Building a paragraph from incongruous lines: Screenshot


0.4.1 - Bug Fix

  • Fixes a breaking bug when breaking lines (issue #5)

0.4.0 - Paragraph Support

  • Now retains paragraphs when multiple are selected
  • New binding to break and ignore the indentation level alt-cmd-shift-enter
  • New GIFs in the README to show the various capabilities
  • Support for block-style comments through Atom's updated capabilities

0.3.3 - Windows and Linux Compatibility

  • Key mappings now compatible with Windows and Linux
  • Removed Windows install-breaking text-buffer dependency
  • Added test.txt which is shown in the animated screenshot containing an excerpt from The Picture of Dorian Grey

0.3.2 - Another Compatibility Hotfix

  • Now compatible with text-buffer 9.x

0.3.1 - Compatibility Hotfix

  • Now compatible with the newer atom.config.get/set methods

0.3.0 - Breaking comments

  • Breaking comment lines properly
  • Improved undo behavior

0.1.0 / 0.2.0 - First Release

  • The whole shebang.


  • Add unit tests
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