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Sorts the Hangouts tab in GMail by availability
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Sort Hangouts Google Chrome Extension

Problem: The Hangouts tab is not sorted and the chats tab doesn't show my Hangouts!


This Google Chrome Extension sorts the Google Hangouts tab in GMail by status. The new order after installation is:

  • Online contacts at the top
  • Hangouts in the middle
  • Offline contacts at the bottom, sorted from A-Z

Click here to view it in the Chrome Web Store.

alt text

The sort order for Online contacts and Hangouts remain the same (last opened) while the offline contacts are sorted from A-Z so they can be found easier.


If there's an issue with the extension, please go to the issue tab of this repository and search for an existing issue. If none exist that describe your issue, feel free to create a new issue.


This software is MIT licensed. See the file for details on what that means.

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