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Easel - a library of C functions for biological sequence analysis

Easel is an ANSI C code library developed by the Eddy/Rivas laboratory at Harvard for computational analysis of biological sequences using probabilistic models. Easel is used by HMMER, the profile hidden Markov model software that underlies several protein and DNA sequence family databases such as Pfam, and by Infernal, the profile stochastic context-free grammar software that underlies the Rfam RNA family database. Easel aims to make similar applications more robust and easier to develop, by providing a set of reusable, documented, and well-tested functions.

Easel is not (yet) released on its own. It is part of the HMMER and Infernal releases.

To participate in Easel development, visit us at github.

to clone a copy of Easel source from github:

    % git clone
    % cd easel
    % autoconf

and to build:

   % ./configure
   % make

and to test:

   % make check
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