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/* Functions relevant to Beta, gamma, and Dirichlet densities,
* and simple and mixture Dirichlet priors.
* SRE, Tue Nov 2 14:35:06 2004 [St. Louis]
#include "esl_config.h"
#include "esl_minimizer.h" // Fitting
#include "esl_random.h" // Sampling
#include "esl_fileparser.h" // Parameter input from file
/* Structure: MIXDCHLET
* A mixture Dirichlet density, usually used as a prior
* for a multinomial model (turning count vectors into probability
* parameters).
typedef struct {
double *pq; /* mixture coefficients pq[0..N-1] */
double **alpha; /* Dirichlet params alpha[0..N-1][0..K-1] */
int N; /* number of mixtures, e.g. 9 for Sjolander */
int K; /* alphabet size, e.g. 20 */
extern ESL_MIXDCHLET *esl_mixdchlet_Create(int N, int K);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Compare(ESL_MIXDCHLET *d1, ESL_MIXDCHLET *d2, double tol);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Copy(ESL_MIXDCHLET *d, ESL_MIXDCHLET *d_dst);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Dump(FILE *fp, ESL_MIXDCHLET *d);
extern void esl_mixdchlet_Destroy(ESL_MIXDCHLET *pri);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_MPParameters(double *c, int K,
ESL_MIXDCHLET *pri, double *mix, double *p);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_BILD_score(double *c, int K, int N, ESL_MIXDCHLET *pri,
double *mix, double *bg, double *q);
extern int esl_dirichlet_LogProbData(double *c, double *alpha, int K,
double *ret_answer);
extern int esl_dirichlet_LogProbData_Mixture(double *c, ESL_MIXDCHLET *d,
double *ret_answer);
extern int esl_dirichlet_LogProbProbs(double *p, double *alpha, int K,
double *ret_answer);
/* Fitting */
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Fit(double **c, int nc, ESL_MIXDCHLET *d, int be_verbose);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Fit_Multipass(ESL_RANDOMNESS *rng, double **c, int nc, int reps, ESL_MIXDCHLET *best_md, int verbose);
/* Sampling */
extern int esl_dirichlet_DSample (ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, double *alpha, int K, double *p);
extern int esl_dirichlet_FSample (ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, float *alpha, int K, float *p);
extern int esl_dirichlet_DSampleUniform(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, int K, double *p);
extern int esl_dirichlet_FSampleUniform(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, int K, float *p);
extern int esl_dirichlet_SampleBeta (ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, double theta1, double theta2, double *ret_answer);
/* File input
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Read(ESL_FILEPARSER *efp, ESL_MIXDCHLET **ret_pri);
extern int esl_mixdchlet_Write(FILE *fp, ESL_MIXDCHLET *d);
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