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The dirichlet module contains routines for using Beta, Gamma, and
Dirichlet densities. In particular, it implements mixture Dirichlet
priors, which are useful in a variety of parameter estimation tasks.
The Dirichlet PDF is:
P(\vec{p}) = \frac{\Gamma{\sum_i \alpha_i}}{\prod_i \Gamma(\alpha_i)} \prod_i p_i^{\alpha_i-1}
\subsection{The dirichlet API}
The module implements one object, \ccode{ESL\_MIXDCHLET}, which holds
a mixture Dirichlet prior.
The API consists of the following functions:
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{mixture Dirichlet priors}}\\
\ccode{esl\_mixdchlet\_Create()} & Allocates a new mixture Dirichlet.\\
\ccode{esl\_mixdchlet\_Destroy()} & Free's a mixture Dirichlet.\\
\ccode{esl\_mixdchlet\_MPParameters()} & Mean posterior probability parameter estimation.\\
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{Dirichlet, Gamma density routines}}\\
\ccode{esl\_dirichlet\_LogProbData()} & $\log P( \mbox{count vector} \mid \mbox{mixture Dirichlet}$.\\
\ccode{esl\_dirichlet\_LogProbProbs()} & $\log P( \mbox{prob vector} \mid \mbox{mixture Dirichlet}$.\\
\ccode{esl\_dirichlet\_LogGamma()} & $\log \Gamma(x)$.\\
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{Sampling code}}\\
\ccode{esl\_dirichlet\_\{D,F\}Sample()} & Sample a probability vector from a Dirichlet.\\
\ccode{esl\_dirichlet\_\{D,F\}SampleUniform()} & Sample a probability vector uniformly.\\
\ccode{esl\_dirichlet\_SampleBeta()} & Sample from Beta$(\theta_1, \theta_2$).\\
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\textbf{Input from file}}\\
\ccode{esl\_mixdchlet\_Read()} & Input of a mixture Dirichlet from a file.\\ \hline
\subsection{Example of using the dirichlet API}
An example that reads a mixture Dirichlet prior from a file, samples a
probability vector from it, samples a count vector from the
probability vector, then infers which mixture component generated the
data and uses mean posterior estimation to reestimate the probability
vector from the counts:
\subsection{Accessing information in the ESL\_MIXDCHLET object}
You may need to access the information in the \ccode{ESL\_MIXDCHLET}
object. The data fields inside this structure are:
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