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/* A simple token-based file parsing system.
#include "esl_config.h"
#include <stdio.h>
#include "easel.h"
typedef struct {
FILE *fp; /* open file pointer, for reading */
char *buf; /* current line; will be modified by esl_strtok(). */
int buflen; /* current allocated length of buf */
char *s; /* used by esl_strtok(); current position in buf. */
char commentchar; /* often '#' */
char *filename; /* name of opened file; or NULL (if just a stream) */
int linenumber; /* what line is loaded into buf; 1..nlines */
char errbuf[eslERRBUFSIZE]; /* for holding error diagnostics */
int is_buffer; /* the file has been buffered into memory */
char *mem_buffer; /* pointer to the buffered file */
int mem_size; /* size of the buffered file */
int mem_pos; /* current position in the buffer */
extern int esl_fileparser_Open(const char *filename, const char *envvar, ESL_FILEPARSER **ret_efp);
extern ESL_FILEPARSER *esl_fileparser_Create(FILE *fp);
extern ESL_FILEPARSER *esl_fileparser_CreateMapped(void *buffer, int size);
extern int esl_fileparser_SetCommentChar (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp, char c);
extern int esl_fileparser_GetToken (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp, char **opt_tok, int *opt_toklen);
extern int esl_fileparser_NextLine (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp);
extern int esl_fileparser_NextLinePeeked (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp, char *prefix, int plen);
extern int esl_fileparser_GetTokenOnLine (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp, char **opt_tok, int *opt_toklen);
extern int esl_fileparser_GetRemainingLine(ESL_FILEPARSER *efp, char **ret_s);
extern void esl_fileparser_Destroy (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp);
extern void esl_fileparser_Close (ESL_FILEPARSER *efp);
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