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/* Heaps and priority queues.
* See TH Cormen, CE Leiserson, and RL Rivest, _Introduction to Algorithms_, MIT Press, 1999.
#ifndef eslHEAP_INCLUDED
#define eslHEAP_INCLUDED
#include "esl_config.h"
#define eslHEAP_INITALLOC 128
#define eslHEAP_MIN 0
#define eslHEAP_MAX 1
#define ESL_HEAP_PARENT(i) ( ((i)-1) / 2 )
#define ESL_HEAP_LEFT(i) ( ((i)*2) + 1 )
#define ESL_HEAP_RIGHT(i) ( ((i)+1) * 2 )
typedef struct esl_heap_s {
int *idata;
int n;
int nalloc;
int maxormin; /* eslHEAP_MAX | eslHEAP_MIN */
extern ESL_HEAP *esl_heap_ICreate (int maxormin);
extern int esl_heap_GetCount (ESL_HEAP *hp);
extern int esl_heap_IGetTopVal(ESL_HEAP *hp);
extern int esl_heap_Reuse (ESL_HEAP *hp);
extern void esl_heap_Destroy (ESL_HEAP *hp);
extern int esl_heap_IInsert(ESL_HEAP *hp, int val);
extern int esl_heap_IExtractTop(ESL_HEAP *hp, int *ret_val);
extern int esl_heap_IGetTop(ESL_HEAP *hp);
#endif /*eslHEAP_INCLUDED*/
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