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/* Collection and display of score histograms.
* SRE, Fri Jul 1 13:22:45 2005 [St. Louis]
#include "esl_config.h"
#include <math.h> /* floor() is in one of the macros */
/* Structure: ESL_HISTOGRAM
* Keeps a score histogram, in which scores are counted into bins of
* size (width) w.
* histogram starts at bmin < floor(xmin/w) * w
* histogram ends at bmax >= ceil(xmax/w)*w
* nb = (bmax-bmin)/w
* each score x is counted into bin b = nb - (int) (bmax-x)/w
* each bin b contains scores bw+bmin < x <= (b+1)w + bmin
* Anything having to do with the counts themselves (obs, n, etc)
* is a uint64_t, with range 0..2^64-1 (up to 2e19).
typedef struct {
/* The histogram is kept as counts in fixed-width bins.
uint64_t *obs; /* observed counts in bin b, 0..nb-1 (dynamic) */
int nb; /* number of bins */
double w; /* fixed width of each bin */
double bmin, bmax; /* histogram bounds: all x satisfy bmin < x <= bmax */
int imin, imax; /* smallest, largest bin that contain obs[i] > 0 */
/* Optionally, in a "full" h, we can also keep all the raw samples in x.
double xmin, xmax; /* smallest, largest sample value x observed */
uint64_t n; /* total number of raw data samples */
double *x; /* optional: raw sample values x[0..n-1] */
uint64_t nalloc; /* current allocated size of x */
/* The binned data might be censored (either truly, or virtually).
* This information has to be made available to a binned/censored
* parameter fitting function, and to goodness-of-fit tests.
double phi; /* censoring value; all x_i > phi */
int cmin; /* smallest bin index that contains uncensored data */
uint64_t z; /* # of censored values <= phi */
uint64_t Nc; /* # samples in complete data (including unobs) */
uint64_t No; /* # of samples in observed data */
/* Expected binned counts are set by SetExpect() or SetExpectedTail().
double *expect; /* expected counts in bin b, 0..nb-1 (not resized) */
int emin; /* smallest bin index that contains expected counts */
double tailbase; /* for tail fits: fitted x > tailbase */
double tailmass; /* for tail fits: fractional prob in the tail */
/* Some status flags
int is_full; /* TRUE when we're keeping raw data in x */
int is_done; /* TRUE if we prevent more Add()'s */
int is_sorted; /* TRUE if x is sorted smallest-to-largest */
int is_tailfit; /* TRUE if expected dist only describes tail */
int is_rounded; /* TRUE if values aren't more accurate than bins */
#define esl_histogram_Bin2LBound(h,b) ((h)->w*(b) + (h)->bmin)
#define esl_histogram_Bin2UBound(h,b) ((h)->w*((b)+1) + (h)->bmin)
/* Creating/destroying histograms and collecting data:
extern ESL_HISTOGRAM *esl_histogram_Create (double bmin, double bmax, double w);
extern ESL_HISTOGRAM *esl_histogram_CreateFull(double bmin, double bmax, double w);
extern void esl_histogram_Destroy (ESL_HISTOGRAM *h);
extern int esl_histogram_Score2Bin(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double x, int *ret_b);
extern int esl_histogram_Add (ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double x);
/* Declarations about the binned data before parameter fitting:
extern int esl_histogram_DeclareCensoring(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, int z, double phi);
extern int esl_histogram_DeclareRounding (ESL_HISTOGRAM *h);
extern int esl_histogram_SetTail (ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double phi,
double *ret_newmass);
extern int esl_histogram_SetTailByMass (ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double pmass,
double *ret_newmass);
/* Accessing data samples in a full histogram:
extern int esl_histogram_GetRank(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, int rank, double *ret_x);
extern int esl_histogram_GetData(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double **ret_x, int *ret_n);
extern int esl_histogram_GetTail(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double phi, double **ret_x,
int *ret_n, int *ret_z);
extern int esl_histogram_GetTailByMass(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double pmass,
double **ret_x, int *ret_n, int *ret_z);
/* Setting expected binned counts:
extern int esl_histogram_SetExpect(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h,
double (*cdf)(double x, void *params),
void *params);
extern int esl_histogram_SetExpectedTail(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, double base_val,
double pmass,
double (*cdf)(double x, void *params),
void *params);
/* Output/display of binned data:
extern int esl_histogram_Write (FILE *fp, ESL_HISTOGRAM *h);
extern int esl_histogram_Plot (FILE *fp, ESL_HISTOGRAM *h);
extern int esl_histogram_PlotSurvival(FILE *fp, ESL_HISTOGRAM *h);
extern int esl_histogram_PlotQQ (FILE *fp, ESL_HISTOGRAM *h,
double (*invcdf)(double, void *), void *params);
/* Goodness of fit testing
extern int esl_histogram_Goodness(ESL_HISTOGRAM *h, int nfitted,
int *ret_nbins,
double *ret_G, double *ret_Gp,
double *ret_X2, double *ret_X2p);
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