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/* Easel's portable, threadsafe random number generator.
#include "esl_config.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#define eslRND_FAST 0
#define eslRND_MERSENNE 1
typedef struct {
int type; /* eslRND_FAST | eslRND_MERSENNE */
int mti; /* current position in mt[] table */
uint32_t mt[624]; /* state of the Mersenne Twister */
uint32_t x; /* state of the Knuth generator */
uint32_t seed; /* seed used to init the RNG */
/* esl_rnd_Roll(a) chooses a uniformly distributed integer
* in the range 0..a-1, given an initialized ESL_RANDOMNESS r,
* for a > 0.
#define esl_rnd_Roll(r, a) ((int) (esl_random(r) * (a)))
/* 1. The ESL_RANDOMNESS object.
extern ESL_RANDOMNESS *esl_randomness_Create (uint32_t seed);
extern ESL_RANDOMNESS *esl_randomness_CreateFast(uint32_t seed);
extern ESL_RANDOMNESS *esl_randomness_CreateTimeseeded(void); /* DEPRECATED */
extern void esl_randomness_Destroy(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r);
extern int esl_randomness_Init(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, uint32_t seed);
extern uint32_t esl_randomness_GetSeed(const ESL_RANDOMNESS *r);
/* 2. The generator, esl_random().
extern double esl_random (ESL_RANDOMNESS *r);
extern uint32_t esl_random_uint32(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r);
/* 3. Debugging/development tools.
extern int esl_randomness_Dump(FILE *fp, ESL_RANDOMNESS *r);
/* 4. Other fundamental sampling (including Gaussian, gamma).
extern double esl_rnd_UniformPositive(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r);
extern double esl_rnd_Gaussian (ESL_RANDOMNESS *rng, double mean, double stddev);
extern double esl_rnd_Gamma (ESL_RANDOMNESS *rng, double a);
extern void esl_rnd_Dirichlet(ESL_RANDOMNESS *rng, const double *alpha, int K, double *p); // Pass alpha=NULL if you just want a uniform draw.
extern void esl_rnd_mem (ESL_RANDOMNESS *rng, void *buf, int n);
/* 5. Multinomial sampling from discrete probability n-vectors.
extern int esl_rnd_DChoose (ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, const double *p, int N);
extern int esl_rnd_FChoose (ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, const float *p, int N);
extern int esl_rnd_DChooseCDF(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, const double *cdf, int N);
extern int esl_rnd_FChooseCDF(ESL_RANDOMNESS *r, const float *cdf, int N);
#endif /*eslRANDOM_INCLUDED*/
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