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/* Regular expression matching on strings.
* SRE, Sun Jan 2 10:52:34 2005 [Zaragoza]
* The regexp module is a wrapper around a modified version of Henry
* Spencer's regex library. Spencer's copyright notice appears below,
* after my wrappers, prefacing the section that includes his code. I
* believe you can obtain the original code from:
* Thanks, Henry!
#include "esl_config.h"
/* ESL_REGEXP_NSUB specifies the maximum number of () expressions
* in a regexp. The whole regexp counts as one, so 16 allows for
* parsing out up to 15 tokens from the match.
#define ESL_REGEXP_NSUB 16
/* The esl__regexp structure is from the original Spencer code.
* It's wrapped by the ESL_REGEXP structure, below.
typedef struct {
char *startp[ESL_REGEXP_NSUB]; /* ptrs to starts of submatches on target string */
char *endp[ESL_REGEXP_NSUB]; /* ptrs to 1 char after ends of submatches */
char regstart; /* Internal use only. */
char reganch; /* Internal use only. */
char *regmust; /* Internal use only. */
int regmlen; /* Internal use only. */
char program[1]; /* Unwarranted chumminess with compiler. */
} esl__regexp;
/* This looks sort of stupid, wrapping a single ptr in a structure, but we
* want the machine to be persistent even if different NDFAs are
* compiled and used. Without this persistency, we would have to
* create/destroy every time we used a different pattern, instead of
* one create/destroy per block of code that uses regex matching
* functionaility.
* Plus, if we ever need to keep other persistent info
* beyond Spencer's compiled NDFA (which we'd rather not mess
* with), we have a place to put it.
typedef struct {
esl__regexp *ndfa; /* a compiled regexp */
/* Declaration of functions in the API
extern ESL_REGEXP *esl_regexp_Create(void);
extern void esl_regexp_Destroy(ESL_REGEXP *machine);
extern int esl_regexp_Match(ESL_REGEXP *machine, const char *pattern, const char *s);
extern int esl_regexp_Compile(ESL_REGEXP *machine, const char *pattern);
extern int esl_regexp_MultipleMatches(ESL_REGEXP *machine, char **sptr);
extern char *esl_regexp_SubmatchDup(ESL_REGEXP *machine, int elem);
extern int esl_regexp_SubmatchCopy(ESL_REGEXP *machine, int elem, char *buffer, int nc);
extern int esl_regexp_SubmatchCoords(ESL_REGEXP *machine, char *origin, int elem,
int *ret_start, int *ret_end);
extern int esl_regexp_ParseCoordString(const char *cstring, uint32_t *ret_start, uint32_t *ret_end);
#endif /*eslREGEXP_INCLUDED*/
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