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/* Finding roots of functions.
* SRE, Fri Apr 6 10:01:43 2007 [Janelia]
#include "esl_config.h"
typedef struct {
int (*func)(double, void*, double*);
int (*fdf) (double, void*, double*, double*);
void *params;
double xl;
double fl;
double xr;
double fr;
double x0;
double f0;
double x;
double fx;
double dfx;
int iter;
double abs_tolerance;
double rel_tolerance;
double residual_tol;
int max_iter;
extern ESL_ROOTFINDER *esl_rootfinder_Create (int (*func)(double, void*, double*), void *params);
extern ESL_ROOTFINDER *esl_rootfinder_CreateFDF(int (*fdf) (double, void*, double*, double*), void *params);
extern int esl_rootfinder_SetBrackets(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, double xl, double xr);
extern int esl_rootfinder_SetAbsoluteTolerance(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, double tol);
extern int esl_rootfinder_SetRelativeTolerance(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, double tol);
extern int esl_rootfinder_SetResidualTolerance(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, double tol);
extern int esl_rootfinder_SetMaxIterations(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, int maxiter);
extern void esl_rootfinder_Destroy(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R);
extern int esl_root_Bisection(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, double xl, double xr, double *ret_x);
extern int esl_root_NewtonRaphson(ESL_ROOTFINDER *R, double guess, double *ret_x);
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